New Artists Collaboration T-Shirts with Modern Amusement

I’m loving these T-Shirts from Modern Amusement, quirky, different, sophisticated, and yes expensive :-) but you know what, that just means you are not going to be running into every shmo with the same shirt as well. T-Shirts are getting like party dresses (a student from my blogging class started a blog about dresses and she’s posting some amazing stuff) in some ways, you don’t want to show up to the same event with the same T-Shirt as someone else :-)

They have a tonne of other gear as well, the site is kind of annoying to navigate but there is some great stuff in amongst the high minded flash design of the site. In some ways I just wish there was a long page with all the shirts on it, but I’m just a pragmatist, show me the shirts.

The inaugural collection features L.A based Eric Nyquist and Brooklyn’s Jonathan Cammisa who put their own unique twist on the brand’s trademark crow logo. Each season, Modern Amusement will add to the series by releasing a new design from a range of global designers.

Eric Nyquist merges industrial and organic in his detail drawings; with each one the viewer is forced to get up close to study overlooked details. While the details create complex imagery, they also reference an increasing dependence on technology and its ability to distribute information. Its interpretation of the Modern Amusement’s crow perfectly reflects his signature style (black tshirt below).

Jonathan Cammisa’s illustrations are dark, morbid and beautiful all at the same time. His design for Modern Amusement is as unsettling as a horror movie. Jonathan is currently looking to “expand his flannel collection and taking more hikes” and his representation of the x-ray of a smiling crow witnesses this mix of humour and darker inspirations

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  1. Quin says:

    I'm in IT, and it is still cool!

  2. kalla says:

    Thank you for the link! You made my traffic big :).

  3. Mike says:

    I love the keep it stupid simple tee.

    Too bad modern amusements main website is awful.

  4. [...] is my favorite. Thanks to tcritic for finding this [...]

  5. [...] is my favorite. Thanks to tcritic for finding this [...]

  6. gisel says:

    Great info. Thanks for that :) I really like your website

  7. PDFoxy says:

    I like “Modern Amusements” and ” It Was Cool” T-shirt.

  8. StephanJade says:

    Nice post you got here. I’d like to read something more about this theme.

  9. Very interesting….IT….HAHA

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