My Life Rocks and My Life Sucks – Two New T-Shirts from Print Liberation

I’m loving the political and apocalyptic themes coming out of Print Liberation, they are right on.

Check out what they call the “ultimate package

If you want a really good update on the state of the economy and specifically the banks pls listen to this episode of This American Life with a former Chief Economist of the IMF

5 Responses to “My Life Rocks and My Life Sucks – Two New T-Shirts from Print Liberation”

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  2. ACH_Check says:

    I dont know what country you are from but this shirt makes a lot of sense right now considering the economy sucks. People will definitely feel this shirt

  3. cool tees says:

    Yes, very clever way to capitalize on the struggling economy. Although I personally don't like to wear potentially offensive T shirts like this.

  4. caroline says:

    Nice !!!! check out our shirts at (blog) and
    We have nice shirts too!
    My life rocks!!

  5. PDFoxy says:

    I have a positive thinking, so i choose “My life Rocks” ^_^

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