Moto GP 2008 Redux – Girl Racer T-Shirts Rule

Last weekend was the US Moto GP at Laguna Seca just north of Monteray, California. It was a 3 day weekend that 10 of us trecked down to from San Francisco and camped near the track. I rode down on my trusty Triumph Daytona 955i. It was a weekend full of drinking, debauchery, umbrella girls, racing, and of course for me, T-Shirts. The trend I saw at this years Moto GP was clothing for Girl Racers so I thought i’d highlight a couple of them.


Fast Kitty is a clothing brand out of Long Beach, California dedicated to motorcycle and car racing and the girls that love it.



Race Girl is not only a line of clothing but also runs their own race team. You can buy some of their clothing online at the WBShop which appears to be mostly Penelope Pitstop branded clothing. Not sure if Race Girl does their own line any more.

Penelope car


I really liked the Fast Girl skull and cross-bones but can not find these guys online anywhere :-(


And of course my new ride:


5 Responses to “Moto GP 2008 Redux – Girl Racer T-Shirts Rule”

  1. Alex -S- says:

    Dude – totally not helping me get over the fact that i wont make it to Sturgis this yr :) Even tried convincing the missus it was a nice place for a kid free anniversary getaway. oddly, she didnt buy it :(

    - now there's a road trip for you – visit South Dakota on the “Debauchery t Shirt review fest”

    Good stuff!

  2. derek says:

    I like your clothing line. Kool name!

  3. artemedia says:

    No way! Karl, you ride too? I was also there that day, rode my Ducati from SF with a bunch of guys. See you at Chillin Saturday night!

    Chris Jablonski

  4. Jenny says:

    I want the fast girl shirt too!

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