More T Vicar – Best Name For a T-Shirt Store Ever

More t VicarProbably the best name for a T-Shirt store i’ve seen, I love it. Not only that but it’s a store that includes local artists creations, every month they commission exclusive designs from local talent and limit the designs to 100 items. You can see all the design in the area of the site they call “the collective“.

The designer Mr Bingo emailed me telling me about the store, and here’s one of his designs.

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More T Vicar?

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  1. helo says:


    I’m still stumped as to why More T Vicar is a good name for
    a t-shirt company. I looked up vicar and learned it means
    representative for an emperor or religious leader. And the
    pope uses the phrase Vicarius Christi, meaning the vicar of
    Jesus Christ, to communicate to everyone that he believes
    he is Jesus Christ’s representative on Earth. Are these ideas
    related to More T Vicar?

    Sorry for being so dull. Is it too much to have the name’s
    cleverness spelled out for me?

  2. karl says:

    Ahh, you know helo it might be a cultural thing. It comes from a saying in England, it’s a satirical view of what would be the hight of social networking in a country village in England where you might have a Vicar come to “tea”, and you would obviously say “more tea vicar” as you proffered the tea pot to him as he handled your most delicate china. The phrase might be used in the totally oposite circumstance where someone might fart and exclaim “more tea vicar”.

    Hope that helps :-)

  3. helo says:

    Ha ha Thank you for the explanation.
    My ignorance is no more. :)

  4. hello vic says:

    Karl… are you an American?

  5. karl says:

    No, i’m English, been in the states for 15 years

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