Milk Mustaches T-Shirt From Detour Designables


Detour Designables have this very cute Milk Mustaches t-shirt, it’s a cafe press print so you can choose all kinds of shirt for it to go on, the blue works for me though.

Now i don’t usually write about Cafe Press stuff, not because I have anything against Cafe Press but the quality of the ideas and design is usually pretty low. These guys have got some pretty good shirts though, do you guys have any fav designers that are on Cafe Press, Zazzle, etc.?

To win todays Threadless Gift Certificate be the first to name the style of beard circled in the picture below, the answer is based on a little Beard key they have on their site where they sell the shirt (so even if you know the style by another name the t-shirt company definition wins)


11 Responses to “Milk Mustaches T-Shirt From Detour Designables”

  1. bo says:


  2. Jonathan says:


  3. bo says:

    that was the most intense search job i’ve done thus far. fun post karl!

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  5. Emiliano says:

    Isn’t it “The ZZ” as shown in the shirt Facial Hair Club for men?

  6. karl says:

    LOL, you guys are driving me crazy, especially you Bo :-) How many have you won now?

    Tough luck Jonathan, you were just a minute behind :-)

  7. Jess says:

    Way to go, bo.

  8. bo says:

    haha i can’t help the urge to participate when i happen to go on your site when you update, karl!

  9. Jonathan says:

    Damn you, Bo! *shakes fist* =o)

  10. Paul says:

    Awww, just the name of the style? That’s no fun! Do I get extra points for naming the OWNER of the beard?

    As any Australian would (well, should) know, that’s a famous image of Australian bushranger (highwayman) Ned Kelly, a kind of Australian anti-hero. He’s probably only known internationally from the movie where he was played by Heath Ledger, but in Australia Ned Kelly is kind of a cult hero, I guess. Not completely sure why, mind you, given he WAS a multiple murderer.

    Anyway, here endeth the lesson!

  11. bo says:

    haha, jonathan. i cant believe we submitted 1 minute apart!

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