Menergy or Power Thirst should be a T-shirt

Found this in the 2007 YouTube Awards under comedy, I would buy a Powerthirst, Menergy T-shirt :-) Best lines

“made with real lightning”

“Shockolate, Chocolate energy, like adding chocolate to an electrical storm”

“Sports, you’ll be good at them”

UPDATE you might want to see the second one they do for College Humor PowerThirst 2, thanks for pointing that out Suzie.

As it turns out the guys that put this together at PicnicFace do have Turbopuns and 400 babies on t-shirts :-)


400 babies

8 Responses to “Menergy or Power Thirst should be a T-shirt”

  1. It was actually put together by Picnicface, District Lines is just where they host their store.

  2. Suzie says:

    Did you watch the second one? I think they need to make a shirt that says “PREPOSTERONE”. Haha!

  3. karl says:

    Holy shit, I think the second one is even better, great catch Suzie :-)

    Thx for the correction Andrew

  4. Hey, thanks for putting the video up on the site. It was absolutely freakin crazy. I laughed my ass off. Thanks again.

    In fact, I was so moved by the video that I put together a quick design to show my appareciation for such a masterpiece of manhood celebration.

  5. derek says:

    i also thought the video was pretty awesome!

  6. [...] 2 – This is the latest video from a hilariously disturbed team of people. I have already ordered 9 cases of Rawberry, so everyone in the lower California area, be warned. [via TCritic] [...]

  7. custom t-shirt says:

    What does this mean???

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