McDonalds Backlash T-Shirts – The New Protest T-Shirts

Here are a couple of interesting t-shirts that were recently forwarded to me. I think the I’m Fat shirt is a better executed design than the hotbins one, but I think the sentiment of both is right on. I stopped eating McDonalds on a regular basis after reading Fast Food Nation.

Im fat

I M Fat T-shirt

Img 352 01

I’m loving my heart disease T-shirt from hotbins

Personally I think there needs to be something like this for Coke, High Fructose Syrup and water is probably doing more harm in this country than smoking. Hey, I think it’s a choice but surely there are some facts out there that can help people make better decisions, so why not put them on a cool t-shirt.


9 Responses to “McDonalds Backlash T-Shirts – The New Protest T-Shirts”

  1. These are good! I like QB Media´s Change clothing Tshirts too, but havent seen them around

    Change clothing

  2. Erik Sälgström Peterson says:

    The second one would be much better were it phrased “Heart Disease, I’m Lovin’ It”, and written in tons of languages like it is on the mcdonald’s cups.

  3. karl says:

    Great point Erik, I think they’re statement is too long winded. Clearly they need the Strunk and White of tshirts :-)

  4. Lhea says:

    I M Fat!

    I’m Loving it!

    best tee ever! great find, karl. :)

  5. nick mun says:

    These are some of the more intelligent designs that take the piss out of McDonalds I have seen. The ‘Heart Disease’ tee is good one. Having seen Morgan Spurlock’s ‘Super Size Me’ you put liver disease on the list as well.

  6. BD says:

    Many if not most restaurants serve much more harmful meals than McDonalds from a nutrition standpoint (Olive Garden?). Even some gourmet places. And they don’t post their nutrition information, natch.

    The ‘backlash’ answers no assault. When did they stuff the burgers down your throat? No one says you have to eat at Mickey D’s every day. Wanna know a secret? If you eat there once in a while, you aren’t gonna die. Everyone knows McDonalds isn’t health food at this point. So hipsters: have fun kicking them while they’re down. And pat yourself on the back.

  7. JunaD says:

    Great shirt. McDonalds is getting better but this shirt is still funny.

  8. Lico says:

    I ordered this shirt a month ago … are they actually shipping them?

  9. mik says:

    i too ordered more than a month ago now!
    took the money from my account but…nothing!
    no tshirt and no replies to emails or anything!
    think i could of been screwed?!

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