Masturbate With Organic Cucumbers T-Shirt

organic masterbater

I love this t-shirt, absolutely hysterical. Wear this to your local farmers market.

10 Responses to “Masturbate With Organic Cucumbers T-Shirt”

  1. Rude Retro says:

    That is a great find and a very funny t-shirt although I think most of the ladies I know would be too embarrassed to wear it.

  2. Erin says:

    I would totally wear it, maybe not around my kids, but I would so wear it.

  3. karl says:

    That’s so funny, I think that would be a killer shirt for a woman to wear, it would take a woman with balls for sure, as Steven Colbert would say “lady balls” we call those Thatchers.

  4. Who said it was for the ladies?

    We call them twinkies.

  5. eckie says:

    I added this to my favorite’s but I can’t decide if i have the guts to actually wear it :-) Its hilarious though!

  6. SpiritFREE1 says:

    Oh, now that’s hilarious. Thanks.

    Not sure if I’d wear it. Depending on the company I’m with, I would probably wear it for a gag. Or maybe on vacation or something, but I probably wouldn’t wear it just anywhere with everyone.

  7. masturbators says:

    I would love to have that cucumber instead of the shirt :D

  8. Hit's says:

    like it,
    here i print my own graphics, and may helpful to others.

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