Marshmallow Factory T-Shirt – From Threadless $10 Sale Starts Today

Marshmallow Threadless

Surely you knew where marshmallows came from? They’re unicorn BM’s of course :-)

Anyway, Threadless has started another $10 sale so get your skates on, this is really a great deal. Also a big thanks to everyone as Tcritic has just got into the top 10 referrers in the Threadless streetteam, believe it or not I knocked Will Wheaton from the number 10 spot.

3 Responses to “Marshmallow Factory T-Shirt – From Threadless $10 Sale Starts Today”

  1. Melanie says:

    Holy cow! What are you going to do with $1000 in Threadless money? You could be the king of the clothing drive during the holidays. Or at least the best dressed. :D

  2. karl says:

    Actually a really good question Melanie, i’ve been thinking about that alot. I actually don’t need a $1000 worth of t-shirt, or at least i’m sure there is a better thing I could do with that cash. I was actually thinking of buying a bunch of t-shirts to give to homeless people, it I was going to be very exploitive I would take pictures of all the homeless folks wearing the t-shirt and make it into a coffee table book… maybe the proceeds of the book could go to some kind of homeless charity? Any book publishers interested?

  3. cool, congradulations. does it have anything to do with the picture shown above? go T-shirt king!

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