Make Love Not Warcraft by Kompis Clothing

make love
Make Love Not Warcraft

This is from a Norwegian based clothing brand called Kompis Clothing, inspired by the South Park episode of the same name. I’m actually wearing the shirt right now, in an office where at least 50% of the people are warcrack addicts :-) The shirts are a bit pricey for people shopping from the US, but $5 of each sale does go to charities.

1$ goes to the environment organization Zero, 1$ goes to Amnesty International, 1$ goes to Psykisk Helse, 1$ goes to Save The Children/Redd Barna and 1$ goes to ØAs Stiftelse. This might seem to you as a marketing trick from our side, but we can ensure you that we’ve contacted all the organisations and they have approved that we can place a state in our webshop that we will donate the money to them.

6 Responses to “Make Love Not Warcraft by Kompis Clothing”

  1. Mike says:

    I know PLENTY of people that need that tee. Nice find.

  2. Mike:
    Thanks a lot for your comment, would appreciate comment from others aswell!

    We’re now back after some hosting problems, and you are all welcome to visit our site :)

  3. Brendan says:

    Now, I suspect this has already been settled, but out of curiosity, what are the lines between copyright infringement, inspiration, and coincidental?

  4. Brendan:
    As for copyright infringement, I don’t think the word “Warcraft” is copyrighted, nor the slogan “Make Love Not Warcraft”. The t-shirt is based on the South Park-episode with the same name (see, and they also use episode names like “Lord of the Rings Pt. 1″ so I doubt their episode names are copyrighted.

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  6. Kaps says:

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