Love To Kill T-Shirt from Axid

Love to Kill

I love it when I come across extraordinary T-shirts and this one is a beauty, I don’t believe anyone can be ambivalent about this shirt, and I imagine some will love it and some will hate it, but what the hell, who wants a t-shirt that sits on the fence. It’s called Love To Kill and it’s from a new online t-shirt store called Axid, I might add that these guys have not sent me a shirt… yet, hint, hint.

Love to Kill Detail

13 Responses to “Love To Kill T-Shirt from Axid”

  1. I got an email from these guys today as well. I really love all their designs, especially the music ones. I like this one as well, just not sure if I would ever wear it in public :)

  2. One of the more offensive tshirts I have seen.

  3. Ever been to t-shirt hell? This one is actually artistic, and has a deeper meaning (at least thats the feeling I get, the artist may not have intended it)

  4. olli says:

    i’m on the fence. i’m all for killing people in bathtubs, but the butterflies coming out of the body are so cliche.

  5. olli says:

    i’m on the fence. on one hand i enjoy graphic representations of people getting killed in bathtubs, on the other hand those butterflies erupting from the crime scene are so cliche.

  6. joy says:

    i’m the artist of this tees,I mean “to love someone, just for revenge” . It’s doesn’t really mean “kill”. The inspiration come from soup opera, I’m not that bad girl.ha ha

    whatever,thank for post my tees.

  7. spazz says:

    oh so it’s not about killing
    cuz the knife, blood stains and dead body kinda threw me off there for a second…

  8. karl says:

    Ha, nice one spazz :-) Anyway I think like all art the final interpretation is up to the viewer, like a Tarantino movie, the love to kill shirt is over the top, comic strip gore. It kind of reminds me of the anime scene in kill bill.

  9. olli says:

    huh, how did i manage to leave the same comment twice? d’oh

  10. Katrina says:

    Thanks guys (tcritis and troundup) for presenting this shop I didn’t know about it. I personally love the bloody t-shirts and I’m impressed with this one. Yes the butterflies are a cliche but after a while everything is and besides I can never get bored of butterflies coming out of bodies because is cool! I don’t thing is offensive at all and I would definitely wear it. Thank for sharing guys! I’ll be writing about this place soon myself.

  11. Honestly, why would somebody make a shrt like that and why would somebody where it?

  12. yeah that is pretty offensive

  13. I agree that is very offensive, at we would be deny any order with that type of imprint.

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