love hate tee

Genius t-shirt from MadeInDesign online store. Go spend some Euros, you’ll love me for it…. or maybe you wont :-)

Love Hate Tee from Made In Design Store

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  2. this is cute :)
    can you buy them? how much if so

  3. Wow. Nice shirt. But how can other people notice the love word if you don't have a big mirror with you? I just wonder because the idea will become useless if they don't see it.

  4. Jake Kook says:

    oh my gosh~~~ you have stunded me with love and hate t shirt!!!!!

    Im so desperated to buy it but I couldn’t find that in shopping site.

    how and where can I get it?

  5. lovehate says:

    Buon Giorno, volevo informare gli amministratori del Blog che questa maglietta è un plagio di un marchio registrato internazionale, questa immagine è un abuso, vi prego di reindirizzare la fonte del marchio al sito proprietario

    Vi chiediamo cortesemente di comunicaci la fonte dell’immagine

    saremmo anche lieti di fornirvi l’immagine originale,grazie

  6. lovehate says:

    Please admin, You must to know that The LOVE HATE ambigram is an international registered trade mark ,deposed at the WIPO. ( Geneva , Swiss )
    The official web site is ,it’s important to check the right source.Thank’s

    Please change the photo with original one and write the source, this is an abuse, check yourself


  7. Karl says:

    I’m very happy for you and your trademark, but I don’t believe that it gives you the right to compel me to change an article that I wrote back in 2006. Can you go back and ask magazines to change articles they wrote 4 years ago? I think not. Thanks for reading.

  8. lovehate says:

    Yes I know the problem , we are into a legal dispute with Diversion Sarl in Paris , big damage for us, They don’t know that this was an international registered trade mark and a lot of people start to copy this idea all over the world.

    This logo was born in last 80′s

    So Please if you can change the source.


    Lovehate Admin

  9. Not sure who owns it but very clever whoever designed it.

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