Lorum Ipsum T-Shirt at TeeFury – 12 hours left and only 9 dollars

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TeeFury is kind of like shirt.woot, one shirt on sale for 24 hours for only $9, only TeeFury does not sell them ever again (although the artist retains the rights to sell the shirt in the future). I only heard of TeeFury yesterday when we were talking about sites that needed RSS feeds, well TeeFury has just got an RSS feed as well so you can stick that in your reader.

The Lorum Ipsum design is referencing fake text that designers often put into design before they have any copy, generally referred to as “greek” (not sure if it is greek or not). The shirt is by Australian designer and fellow T-Shirt blogger RikkiB from Funkyduds. All I can say is congrats on the design, I already bought mine last night when I also Twittered about it :-)

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13 Responses to “Lorum Ipsum T-Shirt at TeeFury – 12 hours left and only 9 dollars”

  1. Jemaleddin says:

    It's Latin. The “Greeking” thing is from the phrase, “it's all Greek to me,” methinks. Which is in turn interesting because the word “barbarian” is of Greek origin, and was meant to indicate anyone who didn't speak Greek, and therefore just sounded like, “barbarbarbar…”

    The best part of the design is the fact that because you use lorem ipsum as a placeholder for actual text, it works as some sort of comment on the meaninglessness of your average T-shirt's message.

  2. askedrelic says:

    It's Latin my friend and a very awesome shirt. http://www.lipsum.com/

    I wish every place would say what kind of shirts they use, because anyplace not using AA shirts isn't worth buying from :(

  3. karllong says:

    Nice background Jemaleddin, I love your take on the message on the T-Shirt itself being commentary on the mundane and derivative messages that are on most T-Shirts :-)

  4. karllong says:

    Hmmm, I'm not sure I agree with that AskedRelic, i've actually been looking into alternatives to AA and have found some great suppliers that still provide American made, sweat shop free T-shirt blanks that are as good if not better quality than AA. Add to that the various allegations that the CEO is a misogynistic douchebag and I wonder why more people aren't looking for alternatives. Ever checked out Alternative Apparel https://www.alternativeapparel.com

  5. JunaD says:

    Very cool looking shirt, but what does it say? jk

  6. hideyourarms says:

    Your idea about it being comment on the meaninglessness of the average text tee may be a good one, I like it, but I think in the Tee Fury thread RikkiB says that she just didn't know what to write and so put in the Lorem Ipsum. I can't decide whether that backs up your theory or not!

  7. askedrelic says:

    I have checked out Alternative and was not too pleased with their quality, one of the zippers fell on a jacket I purchased from them.

    As far as AA goes, I'm a tall athletic build and their shirts fit me perfectly and feel very comfortable. Threadless' custom shirts as well. However, I bought the Broke-ass Stuart’s “Young, Broke and Beautiful” shirt a few weeks ago and was quite disappointed when it was a generic Fruit of the Loom shirt that was designed for short and fat folks :/

    We are on t-shirt review site, I value the quality of the shirt just as much as the design and look of the shirt!

  8. karllong says:

    Well first of all thanks so much for your thoughtful contribution, I really appreciate it, and this kind of discussion is valuable for everyone. I do try and talk about the fabric etc. of shirts i've worn but in many cases i'm reviewing shirts based on design and what they say about the shirt. I will bare what you've said in mind, and if I ever get round to my own t-shirts will be very focused on quality.


  9. askedrelic says:

    Hey thanks, I forgot you run this site! Long time reader, first time poster or something. Love everything you're doing!

    I certainly care mostly about the design, but it's just annoying after you start buying a bunch of shirts and none of them fit or fit differently. It's something that I've started to try and look for on these different sites because I definitely would not buy Fruit of the Loom shirts anymore, no matter how good the design is!

  10. kat says:

    The way I see it is that people try to find a message to everything but simply some times there might be no message intended by the artist but just a nice artwork/design.

  11. mingled says:

    Very much a designers inside joke this. probably the reason why I like it.

  12. The_Prep_Jerks says:

    I need to get more into this awesome t shirt blog.. Great stuff

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