Live Simply, Use Helvetica T-shirt – by Lamosca

use Helvetica 01

This is a fabulous T-shirt and the photo works brilliantly as well. The picture is of Khol Vinh who writes the excellent blog, Subtraction. My other favorite shirt for type-nerds is actually a hoodie with “kern” written on it, bisected of course by the zip :-) which is why it had to be a hoodie.

Another type related post I recently came across via Kottke is Michael Bierut’s 13 reasons to choose a particular typeface for a project from the design observer:

Once I saw a project in a student portfolio that undertook the dubious challenge of redesigning the Tiffany’s identity. I particularly disliked the font that was used, and I politely asked what it was. ‘Oh,’ came the enthusiastic response, ‘that’s the best part! It’s called Tiffany!’

4 Responses to “Live Simply, Use Helvetica T-shirt – by Lamosca”

  1. nick mun says:

    Like you said, an excellent blog and t-shirt. Both brilliantly executed.

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  3. Houpe says:

    That could be THE coolest shirt I’ve ever seen, and they stopped making them! Heres to a wishing for a reprint :) cheers!

  4. karl says:

    Damn, that sucks :-(

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