Line Rider Version Of Dick in a box

Line Rider is an amazing flash based game/tool/time waster that allows you to draw lines on this flash page that a little guy will then “ride” on a little toboggan, often with tragic results. Well the scope of these little games can become quite ambitious and it this version it’s essentially another parody of the SNL Dick In A Box bit that I talked about previously.

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And here’s the obligatory t-shirt link:
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4 Responses to “Line Rider Version Of Dick in a box”

  1. Lol!
    Really fun this line rider of din in a box. I big wast of time to!

  2. karl says:

    Yeah, it’s crazy isn’t it. A friend of mine built a really big one on friday, he’s totally addicted

  3. Constantine says:

    See first well made parody on “Dick in a Box” SNL video!
    Watch it right now on youtube

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