Lincoln Shot First by half pixel stuff

Lincoln Shot First

Lincoln Shot First is a t-shirt that you have to be a special kind of nerd to get :-)

All part of Indie-week which myself and FantasticBonanza are currently participating in :-)

13 Responses to “Lincoln Shot First by half pixel stuff”

  1. MiNGLED says:

    I believe I am that special kind of nerd.

  2. Joe says:

    Stupid revisionist history… :)

  3. Drake Tungsten says:

    Star Wars *and* Police Squad!

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  5. shirtjunky says:

    wow, great work! perfect illustration!

  6. says:

    I love this shirt, My buddie has the starwars funny T-Shirt : Hans shot first” I have to get thisit would be to funny.

    Thanks from the guys at

  7. Harriton says:

    the shirt is cool not bad, the only thing is that if it had in navvy color it would be more attractive !

  8. Rodrigo says:

    Perfect illustration!

    Thanks from the at

  9. TShirtLover says:

    Now that is funny!

  10. Hey, I happen to like the shirt as well… And actually, the print-design looks perfect on the brown T-Shirt. It’s Sweet.

    Michael S.

  11. liyanxin says:

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