Limited Edition Chez Panisse T-Shirts supporting Edible Schoolyard

Alice Waters founded a wonderful restaurant in Berkley CA called Chez Panisse 40+ years ago and was a pioneer in the slow and local food movement. To celebrate this anniversary and support Alice’s Edible Schoolyard project they are launching a selection of limited edition t-shirts in collaboration with several writers and artists including David Byrne, Maira Kalman, Dave Eggers, and Sofia Coppola. Another cute innovation is the tags contain organic seeds and can be planted yourself :) A lovely idea.

I really love the cause and the designs are great as well:

Via TheFoodSection blog

Here’s a video about the Edible Schoolyard project:

Join the Edible Schoolyard Project! from The Edible Schoolyard Project on Vimeo.

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  2. That’s great! Now I’ve learned how to customize my own tees according to my desire.
    Thanks for the idea! 

  3. Horn Ok Tees says:

    love the pie tshirt :) hehe would love to buy one!!

  4. Anonymous says:

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  5. What gets me is that the designs on modern T-Shirts has become less skill-full in favour of abstract designs a child could do the GOOD thing is that this actually works. Goes to show that Hard work and qualifications in ART and DESIGN don’t always pay. I would say that to be successful you need to tap into peoples needs more than wasteing your time learning a skill that know one cares about This my Rant and I LUV the Edible Education Shirt Evil Clown T-Shirt

  6. Love the education t-shirt.:)
    Why can’t I see the video?

  7.          Really cool cap! The shirt is nice.

  8. NobleFashion says:

    I love the  shirt! So much

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  10. ADT Home Security says:

    Nice diversion from work …I need help making shirts like these tees.

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