Last Day for best selling Gameboy T-Shirt from W00t!

Midnight tonight on the 29th of December is the last chance to get the best selling Gameboy “push my buttons” shirt from T-Shirt W00t!

6 Responses to “Last Day for best selling Gameboy T-Shirt from W00t!”

  1. twoeightnine says:

    This is where Woot gets a fail on their shirt sales. In their quest to be wooterful they use that horrible mockup to broadcast the design to the world. I'd never buy it looking at shirt.woot. However seeing it on this mockup, I love it.

    (I'm also still pissed at how they printed my design. They shifted it way to close to the center instead of the lower corner and it just looks awkward.)

  2. karllong says:

    I totally agree, the templates they display on their sales pages suck. Sorry to hear they messed up your design as well, in their rush to production I guess details slip through.

  3. bo says:

    love this shirt. wore it yesterday :)
    and i agree. i wish they had actual shirt pictures

  4. i love this preety shirt, it was so good

  5. Geo Cloaking says:

    I love that t-shirt, can i buy it?

  6. Wow….love this shirt, it is good.

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