Karl Long T-Shirts Unboxing by Tshirtblog.nl

Well looks like the owner of the Dutch T-Shirt blog Tshirtblog.nl has done a review and unboxing of one of my T-shirts and I think he was particularly impressed with the free gift :-) One of my partners Paul insisted we put something goofy in every package we sent out and currently that is candy cigarettes, I had no idea they were called Stalion candy though, sounds rather like an erectile dysfunction product as opposed to candy cigarettes :-)

here are some of the tweet comments i’ve got as well :-)

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10 Responses to “Karl Long T-Shirts Unboxing by Tshirtblog.nl”

  1. tshirtblog says:

    you gave did send me a shirt with a smile.:)

  2. Quinn says:

    you roll the pack up in your t-shirt sleeve to look tough.

  3. karllong says:

    LOL, great idea Quinn :-)

  4. tshirtblog says:

    yes thats a great idea :) I will need it ;)

  5. I remember these – thanks for sharing!

  6. Web Design says:

    It reminded me of the TV serial, black Stallion, … I used to watch it with great interest.

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  8. Thanks Quin. You just brought my memory a while back when TV serials were more fun than nowadays.

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