Karl is King T-shirt

karl is king Well this is a great find for anyone called Karl I guess, the good news is your the king baby, the bad news, it’s after Karl the puffer fish. I guess you have to take the rough with the smooth. It’s from a very weird and wonderful “pirate supply store” at 826 Valencia in San Francisco which I recommend you check out if you have the chance.

A blogger friend of mine who writes HeatEatReview (a review site for frozen dinners, yes there is a blog for everything) and here’s what she writes:

826 Valencia is more than a haven for young writers in the Mission. It is more than a pirate supply store. It is the home of Karl, the porcupine puffer fish. If you’re interested in supporting youth writing, stocking up on lard (available in-store only), proclaiming your love for McSweeney’s (the ultimate time-waster for hipsters everywhere), or trying to get on the good side of Tcritic’s editor, this could be the store for you.

The fish is offset toward the bottom left of the shirt, so it won’t look like you have an alien coming out of your chest, just out of your torso.


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  1. Karl says:

    epic win.

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