Just Remember You Are Unique, Just like Everyone Else – From Turtle Head


When a company gets in touch with me and tells me they’re called “Turtle Head” and their tag line is “touching cloth since 2006″ my expectations for awesomeness are set pretty high. I can’t say they dissapoint, the t-shirt “Just Remember Your Unique, Just like Everyone Else” is inspired.

I wonder if they got the idea from John S. Hall (lead singer for King Missile), from his poem called “saturday“…

I want to be different, like everybody else I want to be like
I want to be just like all the different people
I have no further interest in being the same,
because I have seen difference all around,
and now I know that that’s what I want

read the rest of the poem…

9 Responses to “Just Remember You Are Unique, Just like Everyone Else – From Turtle Head”

  1. Rodney says:

    Actually that cool quote “just remember you are unique, just like everyone else” is from Margaret Mead

    I just heard it for the first time a week or so ago while watching Steven Spielberg’s reality tv show “On The Lot”.

    I think the actual quote is “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”

  2. Spork says:

    you are = you’re

  3. Jaleeb Caru says:

    Let’s activate something. My wife can’t believe they’re called Turtle Head. Also, John S. Hall almost hit me in the head with a sledgehammer.

  4. Allen says:

    Good lord! They want $40 for a tshirt?! They won’t be touching clothing for much longer…

  5. qbix says:

    Blackspots are a good alternative to chucks. Not nearly as accessible but definitely more conscientious.


  6. suzie q says:

    thanks for this post :) made my day!
    your family are fab, must be something to do with ‘long’ in the surname! lol I’m very glad to get glimpses of you, your sister & your Dad. what a talented bunch you are!

    p.s I’m a bit stuck for t-shirts and a touch on the cheeky side sometimes. was my comment cheesy enough to qualify?! could swap you something but I can’t think what ;P

  7. Guest says:

    You are special just like everybody else ;) Do you get the irony here? Truth is you’re nothing special. When you die it will hardly make a difference for the world and you will be remembered by >50 people. 

  8. Neha_green says:

    It will make a difference. The quote means, you are unique, but everyone is unique in their own way so don’t be too proud :p

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