Juno and T-shirts

Fruitful Yuki 01

So I was lucky enough a week or so ago to see a screening of the new movie Juno which was directed by Jason Reitman, who also directed Thank You For Smoking, and written by deliciously monikered Diablo Cody. Now of course this has been getting a fair amount of publicity because Diablo Cody’s route to writing this hit movie was essentially through a blog she wrote as she worked as a stripper (at pussyranch.blogspot.com which blogger has unfortunately not kept up). Sure that’s a salacious story, but she is also an extraordinary writer IMHO and probably would have made it even if she had started a blog about something as mundane as t-shirts :-) (listen to the Fresh Air interview with Reitman and Cody)

Now before I go down the T-shirt rabbit hole I have to tell you this is a wonderful movie and if you have the means I suggest you head out to the movies when it opens in your area (I think it’s just NY/LA now). The style of the movie reminded me in many ways of a Wes Anderson movie but with more down to earth characters, so quirky but in a believable way. The combination of Reitman’s directing and Cody’s super writing make for an awesome combination. Also as Rex at Fimoculous has already pointed out this has got an outstanding soundtrack.

But the t-shirt connections here are interesting as well. The t-shirt I feature above is of a pregnant Japanese comic book hero called Most Fruitful Yuki, which I hope at some point people can buy. Apparently quite a few different shirts were made up to promote this during the early screenings, including the one below quoting a line that Rainn Wilson delivered as Juno frantically shook a pregnancy test hoping to erase the plus sign.

Junotshirt 01
found at SlashFilm

Even more interesting to me was when I discovered another Diablo Cody current blog, where lo and behold I find her reviewing T-shirt companies, a woman after my own heart surely, I mean, listen to this.

I am a T-shirt person. I have at least 30 in rotation at any given time. I even have cotton-jersey bed sheets so I can feel as though I am swaddled in a giant T-shirt when I slumber in the arms of Morpheus.

Here are a couple of shots of Diablo modeling some organic, fair trade shirts from District Cotton

Photo 31 Thumb

Photo 30 Thumb

If you want to keep up with Diablo Cody, who seems to change blogs like underwear, you can find her here diablocody.blogspot.com.

Oh and Diablo consider this an open invitation to guest post about t-shirts any time.

7 Responses to “Juno and T-shirts”

  1. Jay says:

    Kozy N Dan put up a post the other day about Juno as well that mentions one of their t-shirts that was used in the movie. They also contributed a bunch of artwork:

  2. karl says:

    cool, thanks Jay, I just checked out those shirts and they are super cool,


  3. [...] (As an aside, Diablo Cody reviewed District Cotton a few months ago [hat tip to Karl Long, Mr. Tcritic]. If you don’t know who Diablo Cody is, she wrote Juno!) This tee is available for both men [...]

  4. atrick says:

    Here’s another one of the free t-shirts being given away at screenings of “Juno” –


  5. Sarah says:

    Now and Zen is produceing a really cute line of licensed Juno t-shirts. Check it out:


  6. Emma says:

    Finally found the Slinky shirt in Juno over at FSG. It’s vintage too. Yum!

  7. Tony says:

    I kinda liked this shirt, it’s not even really a line from the movie, more like a derivative. The “You Smell Like Soup” shirt.


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