Jell Boy

Awesome Hell Boy tribute t-shirt from RiptApparel via D4N150T0

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  1. Andy says:

    From the headline in my RSS feed I assumed this would be an Only Fools and Horses tribute :


  2. Andy says:

    The tee’s not my style, but I wanted to say it’s nice to see you posting Karl.

  3. Clayton Richardson says:

    Why post this now? You can’t buy it now that it has expired.

  4. Juna D says:

    Nice style. Great concept. Thanks for sharing this shirt with us. Kind of reminds me of the episode of The Office when a stapler was in the jello.

  5. Second one should be jell girl. :) Nice concept. This whole blog is full of various collections. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The shirt really catches your attention in this pic.


    I love this shirt! So much!

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