It’s Indie Week


Found this t-shirt at Indieshopper, and with threadshow coming up on sunday I thought it appropriate to promote a some indie stuff. So on the indie front check out, (the social network for indie designers),,, of course Threadbanger teh video blog for DIY indie, and the mother of all hand made

Any of you t-shirt/fashion bloggers want to participate in this link to this post and use the tag indieweek and i’ll summarize in a post, as we all know time is relative on the web so this week can run from this wednesday ’till whenever :-)

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  1. Joe says:

    Oh boy! This sounds like fun :) I’m sure we’ll have some indie posts in the next ‘week’.

    P.S. Your link to Etsy is actually a link to Threadbanger.

  2. [...] part of Indie-week which myself and FantasticBonanza are currently participating in         [...]

  3. Rick London says:

    I really like these. I try to look at varous tees when I get the chance, as I sell tees and gifts with my cartoons on them. These are particularly special Thanks for sharing them.


    Rick London
    Londons Times Cartoons & Products

  4. Sherrie Thomas7 says:

    Tony Byroads has that shirt.  Ive seen him wear it at his concerts.

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