Introducing Shirt.Woot Classic Reprints


Sore Thumbs by designer MJ is one of the first t-shirts to get reprinted on shirt.woot classics to give newcomers to the site a chance to pick up some of the previously sold out designs. Each design will be posted for a full week and priced at $20 so got and check them out.

MJ also turned me on to, a site that aggregates all your favorite 24 hour t-shirt sites on one page, a real time saver.

6 Responses to “Introducing Shirt.Woot Classic Reprints”

  1. interesting design! though a more common thing would be to print a console on the tee with the numerous small consoles and controls!

  2. Rad I didn’t get this last time around, that tee magent link is a god send!

  3. Juna D says:

    Very cool design. I agree, Teemagnet is a great find. Thanks for the link.

  4. wawa says:

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  5. I agree with the first comment, great concept. Though the graphic needs some type of border between it and the Shirt. Perhaps an outline of the very first game controller, with all the other controllers inside.

  6. rubi paul says:

    I think  T-Shirts  are best outfit for now a days….

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