Internet Dickwad Theory – From Penny Arcade


The Greater Internet Dickwad theory of course extends to messageboards, blog comments, and of course xbox live which is the motherload of dickwads.

8 Responses to “Internet Dickwad Theory – From Penny Arcade”

  1. Joe says:

    YouTube might be worse than Xbox Live.

  2. Andy says:

    I kinda wish there was a more robust system for punishing people on Xbox Live, although sometimes it feels like there’d be no one else playing Halo if they got rid of all the racists.

  3. Andy S. says:

    Andy, no worries. If they got rid of the racists, one would still be able to play Halo with plenty of homophobes and 12-year-olds with clueless absentee parents.

  4. Blake says:

    That is math at its purest. This t-shirt is made for the blog comment trolls who just look for an anonymous argument.

  5. Colin says:

    I wish this shirt wasn’t so incredibly true.

  6. Mingled says:

    Sad but so very, very true.

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