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Damn, every once in a while I come across a line of t-shirts that i’m shocked and amazed I don’t know about, and don’t own most of their t-shirts. I love both the 72 dpi shirt and the Apple skull shirt, although the segway beta might be my fav, good stuff guys.

segway beta


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  1. nick m says:

    love that segway beta tee. having said that, it probably works really well going downhill!

  2. Indie tech does have some great designs (right now) not a whole lot of T-shirt designs. I’m sure this is something that will certainly change with time but right now its definitely quality over quantity.

    Anyone know the relationship between ‘Indie Tech’ and the Blue Collar Distro in the URL? Is it a niche offshoot of a larger clothing brand (or something)?

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  4. karl says:

    Well you know what’s interesting is that Birbig shirts also come from bluecoller distro? Also worth checking out, I just got my “little bit gay shirt” in the mail, not sure when i’ll wear that :-)

  5. Burton says:

    Hey guys, I’m one of the owners at Blue Collar and I can answer some questions. Indie Tech, as well as Ink Eater, are our own in-house clothing lines. We’ve got some other stuff in the works as well. Everything else, from Birbigs to Dim Mak Collection and the various band shirts we sell are all webstores that we run for clients. Some of the more recent Birbigs designs were created by our in-house artist Adam Jeffers, he did both Segway and Mac Bones as well.

    I can’t thank you all enough for the links and feedback. I love this site and was stoked to see the links and traffic this morning. Also, we are set to do a v2.0 of the Mac Bones that does away with the more subtle color scheme, just straight white ink for the skull and bones this time. And unrelated but we will shortly be putting out an Ink Eater shirt that has a half-unicorn/half-man playing bass guitar under a moon and a rainbow. I think that was maybe my idea.

    Thanks all!

  6. karl says:

    Nice, thanks Burton :-)

    BTW Panama Red, how high were you when you came up with this:
    “an Ink Eater shirt that has a half-unicorn/half-man playing bass guitar under a moon and a rainbow. I think that was maybe my idea.”

  7. CountD says:

    The Segway Beta shirt (and great prices) makes up for the small selection.
    On an unrelated note, the girl in the glasses is gorgeous. She should definitely model more shirts.

  8. Mr-TShirt says:

    Love those T-Shirts, It is really difficult to come up with original ideas that are so simple.

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