I’m F**cking Matt Damon – New from Lucky Threadz

Fucking Matt Damon

Well I said it last week that this should be a T-Shirt and Lucky Threadz picked up the gauntlet! In fact you could call this the first t-shirt collaboration for tcritic.

If you haven’t watched the videos yet check them out, they’re hysterical:

and all of this was spawned from an excelent fake feud between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel where Jimmy kept bumping him from the show, here’s a very funny montage of all the times they have bumped him:

8 Responses to “I’m F**cking Matt Damon – New from Lucky Threadz”

  1. Peter says:

    Not sure whether you have bad timing, but it seems that Lucky Threadz’s site is down.

    But good job on the shirt collab!

  2. The Mad Finn says:

    You should be excused from commenting on this shirt, karl :)

  3. David says:

    Lucky Threadz does some good stuff; a simple vector trace with some text lifted from a popular song or gag seems more of a Snorg or Noisebot move.

  4. karl says:

    Ouch, David your criticism is well taken

  5. mr says:

    Why is the apostrophe upside-down?
    That’s irritating.

  6. Amanda says:

    I love mine!!!!!!!!

    I still have yet to really wear it out. It’ll happen this weekend though! My boobs are huge though and Matt Damon looks a little stretched out.

    I did always think Matt Damon looked like one of his parents had down syndrome.

    I’m going to hell for that one.

  7. Mike Kwesell says:

    To the marvelous young lady who bears the aforementioned huge boobs…send us a picture. I love you. And not just because your boobs are huge. I really feel a strong emotional connection.

    -MK (LT)

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