I will not…

I will not…
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Another nice find on Flickr, not sure where you could buy this, but a great t-shirt for your Asian girlfriend. Not sure how it would work for anyone else :-)

Sweet, Leesa provided some info on where you can get this check it out at blacklava.net

How about some matching panties:
Iwilno4314 02

3 Responses to “I will not…”

  1. Leesa says:

    You can buy the shirt at blacklava.net. Got one myself a few years back.

  2. karl says:

    Sweet Leesa, thanks for the tip, I have a friend that would like this one, i’ll update the post :-)

  3. Sasha Manuel says:

    I know it’s meant to be funny but… I’m asian, too, but I don’t speak like that! Hahaha. It’s a pretty cool shirt, though. =)

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