I Want To Be Inside You – From Threadless

Threadless i Want to be Inside you

Now this is a good conversation starter the message “I want to be inside you” could be interpreted in many wonderful ways. It’s kind of like one of my fav shirts that says “you are what you eat”, no one can resist commenting on it, especially girls.

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  1. Wow! And I thought our first line of shirts was a conversation starter. I feel soooooooooo inadequate!

  2. I did a write up yesterday of this tee yesterday. You can read it here I Want to Be Inside You T-Shirt

  3. Seems like we all liked this T-shirt.

  4. karl says:

    Seems like we all like the same wordpress theme as well, strange :-) BTW it’s good netiquette if you find shirts on other peoples sites it’s usually polite to link to them with a via or hat tip, just an fyi.

  5. I hear ya Karl…it was the only theme that appealed to me. I’m a simple guy :)

    Anyway, I always try to throw out the hat tip when I see a shirt somewhere else first. Ex: http://tshirtreviews.wordpress.com/2007/02/25/everyone-wants-to-sleep-with-me-t-shirt/

    If I missed any please let me know and I’ll toss up the link. Thanks Karl

  6. criticalsole says:

    excellent find! that’s why I love threadless.

  7. Yeah Karl, I kind’ve feel smarmy using the same theme, but on the other hand, I love K2 and unsleepable and use it for most of my sites. I was debating using redoable (another theme based off K2), just for some difference, but I didn’t like it as much. The red just doesn’t go well with a t-shirt blog imo.

    Also, I try to always post the source, just sometimes I forget (like the love hate one, which I’ll be adding now).

  8. karl says:

    Hey, that’s cool guys, i’ll always link back to you guys if I find a great shirt on your sites :-)

  9. this would look better if it wre a hot dog.

  10. Now that’s pretty funny!

  11. or pizza lol, you can make custom t shirts at inkimprints.com

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