I met this girl…

I met this girl the other day who was wearing the Flowers In The Attic T-shirt from threadless, I was wearing the pillow fight t-shirt from threadless, well one thing led to another and now she is a guest author on this blog. Watch out for Lhea, she’ll be posting soon!

BTW here’s the pillow fight t-shirt

Pillow Fight

4 Responses to “I met this girl…”

  1. I love the deisgn for Flowers in the Attic; it’s incredible.

    It’s the first Threadless shirt I bought.

  2. karl says:

    Absolutely Andrew, it was one of the designs that got me into blogging t-shirts :-)

  3. Andy says:

    I think the most important thing here is… what colourway was she wearing? Sure, it looks cool in pretty much any colour, but if it’s original, well, that’s an author to hang onto!

  4. karl says:

    Oh it was the original for sure, the black with the pink. I’ll have to get a shot of her next time if she’s not too shy

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