I Love Drugs By Moschino

i heart drugs

I just got a $150 gift certificate from Zappos all because I follow this guy on Twitter, crazy right? The CEO of Zappos is also on Twitter and you can follow him here and of course i’ve been on there for a while and you can consumer my 140 characters of intellectual detritus here (don’t do it Mum).

Anyway, because of this cash I had to spend I went to Zappos to shop and much to my surprise they sell a lot more than shoes now and have all kinds of stuff, kind of like Amazon. They like to position themselves as a service company that sells stuff and all my transactions with them have been brilliant, they do free two way shipping so returns never come out of your own pocket, pretty good idea if you’re selling clothing. Anyway, this shirt is rocking :-)

i heart drugs 2

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  1. Ben says:

    that’s a pretty cool site, ive never been
    sweet shoes as well!

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