I Hate Crocs.com t-shirt

I Hate Crocs

Proving that their really is a blog for everything comes ihatecrocs.com – documenting the two girls a guy and a girls struggle to eliminate the footwear phenomenon from the face of the planet, they burn them, cut them up, and even blend them. They of course have a t-shirt as well which is my plausible excuse to write about these guys.

I love this, Uggs for the summertime, heh.

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  1. Rangga - tshirt island says:

    I understand why she hate crooks, but I don’t get it why she’s doing this and look struggling. Nice combination of video and T-shirt though

  2. Hey, thanks for mentioning us!

    However, Kate is the only female one. I, the other half of the site, am male.

  3. Katrina says:

    I too hate crocs and I can see their struggle to eliminate this awful style but I wouldn’t by the t-shirt because it still shows a croc and I hate crocs remember? :ppp

  4. Josh says:

    I don’t know how it is anywhere else, but girls wear uggs with tiny skirts here… wearing something for really hot weather with something for really cold weather. These are ugly, but at least they make sense.

  5. [...] Via Tcritic Scritto da Simone il 4 Maggio, 2007Tags: accessori, crocs, moda, scarpe, stravaganza, web [...]

  6. [...] Crocs are the ubiquitous rubber clog that seem to be in every mall in the country and do seem to be on everyone’s feet in starbucks. As with many super popular trends there are often detractors, often counter culture-ists who like to ridicule the fashion/trend victims who are following the trend. Ihatecrocs.com falls into the counter culture category and is also a lot of fun with videos of Crocs getting cut up and burnt, I of course found out about them because they have a t-shirt. I really like this fake ad as well: [...]

  7. [...] Nurses, doctors, pregnant women, and the makers of Crocs. So in case your confused, let me clear the air…those are the only people who can wear crocs. So for the rest of you…I shake my head in shame. I refuse to buy crocs AND before you past judgment on me, I have in fact tried on a pair. Yes they are comfortable..but is it worth it? Nope. These really just do not look good on anyone, even the people I mentioned earlier, but due to their profession I will just turn the other cheek. There are plenty of cute comfortable sneakers out there!! Which means theres no reason (no excuses) on why anyone should be buying these. Crocs..its most definitely not going to be a thing. I think its safe to say they are on their way to ‘Fad History’. See tcritic hates crocs too! [...]

  8. Uggs says:

    They sure can express their opinion freely. I don't really hate crocs personally but I am the type of person that wouldn't buy one. Uggs, on the other hand, are hip during the holiday season.

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