I Am Colin – Nerdy T-Shirts With An English Accent

I Am Colin is a new brand out of the UK which has got some great new designs, I love the underpants and cross bones, that is just genius :-) They have a distinct British accent to their humor and there are what you might call little Anglophilic easter eggs on their site and in their designs. From a design standpoint it really looks like these guys are paying attention to nice details and trying to build a brand. The shirts are going to be on the expensive side if you’re buying from the US as these guys are based in the UK and priced in pounds. Certainly the exchange rate has eased some of the pricing differences between the UK and US, but still.

6 Responses to “I Am Colin – Nerdy T-Shirts With An English Accent”

  1. tshirtblog says:

    holy smoke, these are absolutly brilliant !

  2. Mike says:

    My thoughts exactly. These designs rock! Love the details.

    Their website is pretty cool too… http://www.i-am-colin.com

  3. Colin says:

    My name is Colin, I feel like that means I should buy a shirt.

  4. rich says:

    I got the skull and crosspants blue t-shirt. The quality of the fabric used is excellent

  5. goosed01 says:

    Im loving the sense of humour…and the name..underpants and crossbones genius!…If you got a sense of humour check out Octopus in the UK. Have you heard of a sexual lubricant called KY jelly? ;) http://www.octopus-ink.co.uk/details.php?produc

  6. I LOVE the second t-shirt with the cassette unwound. Genius.

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