Hot Fuzz T-shirt – This Shirt Just Got Real – From Airside

Hotfuzz This Shirt Just got

What could be better than a Hot Fuzz t-shirt and the awesome quote on the back. Hot Fuzz the relatively new movie from the guys that did Shaun of the Dead. I totally loved it, just like Shaun of the Dead it was a great bit of filmmaking, and hysterical. The shirt is designed by Airside who I have written about before, they do some wonderful original designs, they’re kind of like the Tarrentino of t-shirt designers IMHO.

6 Responses to “Hot Fuzz T-shirt – This Shirt Just Got Real – From Airside”

  1. I found this shirt as soon as I saw Hot Fuzz (for the first time). Unfortunately, the fact that it’s in pounds absolutely kills it for me. I can’t afford to drop $50 on a single t-shirt :(

  2. Nick M says:

    Great looking t-shirt and what a name, Hot Fuzz!

  3. karl says:

    Hey Nick, not sure what other comment you had left? I checked the spam queue and moderation queue and didn’t see anything, sorry man :-)

    Thansk for commenting again :-)

  4. tina says:

    I have two of these. One is too big for me. I love it!!!

  5. Imhimthebutcher says:

    for the life of me I cant figure out how to buy this shirt

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