Horror and Beloved T-Shirts from AkumuInk.com


Akumu Ink just launched in February 2008 and I like their line up, distinctive, original designs screened exclusively on black American Apparel. They’re based in Montreal, Canada and they do the screenprinting themselves. They have a group on facebook and a blog as well, seems like more and more companies are getting hooked into these various social media channels. Somewhat related I wrote about a bunch of t-shirt related Facebook applications last week, and started a new Facebook group called the T-Shirt Appreciation society, come and join in, cheers.


4 Responses to “Horror and Beloved T-Shirts from AkumuInk.com”

  1. I LOVE some of this stuff. Kinda wish they had more of it actually, but I really love the style. I feel like they could use some more colors, but the simplicity is working for them just fine.

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