Hipster Scum – New T-Shirt from Love is Lame

Hipster Scum is a great new shirt from the folks at Love is Lame, a fab t-shirt to wear to Zeitgeist :-)

UPDATE: well, it’s hard to describe what hipsters are, maybe this video will help, (and although this was Williamsburg NY hipsters, they seem to be pretty similar to the San Francisco ones) the Hipster Olympics:

Even better guest starring ironic thrift store T-shirts:

love is lame

Just getting ready for valentines :-) Love is lame

10 Responses to “Hipster Scum – New T-Shirt from Love is Lame”

  1. tshirtblog says:

    That is a great shirt…euuhmmm what's a hipster ?? (damn Europeans)

  2. karllong says:

    Added some video to answer your question :-)

  3. LOL there are certain parts of NYC where wearing this shirt would be pricelss.

  4. tshirtblog says:

    well that is very very clear..I think we have hipters too !…we have breezersluts ;)

  5. T-Shirts says:

    Wear one of those in london and feel the bad bives..

  6. Tshirt says:

    Yeah, you are probably right, only that I am not a big fan of Zeitgeist although I would ware this t shirt on a music event. I find it hard that you can attract bad bives just by waring it… even in London.

  7. dabodabo says:


  8. Web Design says:

    Love is lame, … do not blame ! … lolz, nice design, …

  9. where did my comment go ?!

  10. This hipster scum t shirt is hilarious…

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