Heavenly Devily from Invidualitees


Another nice design from Individualitees.com (I wrote about them once before about Sex On a Stick which was smoking hot :-) They really have got some great designs, and considering the company was started by two guys in two different countries via email, it looks a damn site better than most, and with a lot more original designs. As usual my only complaint is i there are no permalinks/deep-links for any of the designs, which is frustrating if your trying to link to favorites.

BTW I love their line of Sexualitees:

Keep up the good work guys and thanks for the nice note :-)


5 Responses to “Heavenly Devily from Invidualitees”

  1. Jaleeb Caru says:

    Love the sexualitee! There’s a couple of other great one’s there too.

  2. chooly says:

    brilliant! simple yet effective!…perhaps the next step could be a tiny little baby change room sign…….: )

  3. karl says:

    Nice idea chooly :-) I’d like to see an aircraft safety manual as well.


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