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Stalin “I Voted”

Headline Shirts is having a blowout sale and everything is either 5, 10, 15, or 20 dollars (their shirts are normally $24). I have several of these shirts and they are super soft, wear well, and the prints are so well integrated with the material you can barely feel them (ie. not plastisol).

You can pick up this super exclusive limited edition for $15 :)

Check out the sale items here

5 Responses to “Headline Shirts Big Sale – All Shirts on Sale”

  1. The Mad Finn says:

    Stalin shirts! What! That's, like, so offensive.

  2. Medela says:

    This is quite catchy, will definitely like to have one for me!

  3. Inkslingers says:

    The shirt is so funny. It will definitely catch people's attention.

  4. Oh yeah, the Hillary/Obama t-shirts. The “cross campaign” with Hillary promoting Obama and vise versa is hillarious.

  5. I hate wearing a shirt that people will get to read them first before they realize how cool it is. Anyways some shirts are awesome.

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