Happy Towel Day: now Don’t Panic and Carry a Towel

Happy Towel Day everyone, today is a day to remember and celebrate the great author and humanitarian Douglas Adams (who’s initials by the way are DNA). You can look at all the things you can do on Towel Day here at Towelday.org.

Oh, and this is also my Mum’s birthday, happy birthday Mum :)

The T-shirt is by ThinkGeek and is another awesome parody of the Keep Calm and Carry On posters from WWII era England. Although I’m also very keen on the Threadless Now Panic and Freak Out shirt.

10 Responses to “Happy Towel Day: now Don’t Panic and Carry a Towel”

  1. ShirtCritic says:

    Ah, Douglas Adams… quite a good shirt for any fan… a friend of mine loved the Hitch-hiker series… I will indeed sauce her the link to this shirt!

  2. SIMONE says:

    t-shirts Animal farm tees. they have FREE SHIPPING! and alot of great stuff.

  3. Don’t Panic, i hope so. I love Douglas Adams!

  4. towel lover says:

    No worries here, I already have my blank towels and t-shirts.

  5. Loving these at the moment!!

  6. zoltan says:

    nice tee, though if you prefer something a little less WW2 and bit more H2G2 then check out our ‘Forty-Two’ design, our answer to the Ultimate Question :)



  7. prada bags says:

    Very interesting post. Thanks again.. Please Keep it Up!!

  8. Dejan says:

    Cool shirt! I like the “cause” ;)

  9. I always carry my cheap towels with me, you never know when you’ll need one.

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