Happy Birthday Tcritic (and Mum)

It’s not exactly a year since Tcritic started, but it was May 2006 that this T-Shirt train left the station, a year ago I posted the “nobody reads my blog” t-shirt and nothing could have been more appropriate :-)

nobody reads my blog

Well a year later, 380 posts, 1,000 comments, 600+ incoming links, got in the technorati top 10K, had 297,777 visitors, and 698,459 page views, I’m totally blown away, and in the end it is you guys that make this interesting, and also give me the motivation to keep on going. Thanks to everyone that sends email and t-shirts, I really appreciate it, sorry I can’t get back to everyone personally, I do try and post a lot of the stuff that people send me.

Also in that year Lhea has joined to help write about the best T’s and i’m really happy to have her aboard, thanks Lhea.

So thanks everyone, and happy birthday Mum (actually is my mum’s birthday today, and believe it or not she reads my blog :-)

6 Responses to “Happy Birthday Tcritic (and Mum)”

  1. pinup says:

    Awww…. I read your blog and am bloody grateful for it. Without Tcritic, how would I have ever discovered (and subsequently bought) the fabulous “I just blue myself” T-shirt?

  2. nick m says:

    Congratulations! It’s a great site. And what a t-shirt. What it says certainly doesn’t apply now!

  3. Lhea says:

    Awww, Kark!

    thank YOU :)

  4. Lhea says:

    Awww, Karl!

    thank YOU :)

  5. Alex says:

    I think the “nobody reads my blog” tee is much more appropriate for my site :). I get around 150-200 per day, but I bet a lot of those are just spammers looking to comment spam.

  6. Katrina Long says:

    Yes, Karl’s mother does read his blog. And through reading your blog Karl, I have discovered that I share my birthday with Star Wars!

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