Hand Made T-Shirts from The Gretest

Kill Mondays

I love these T-Shirts from The Gretest, a Spanish company that specializes in hand made T-Shirts. From an ecommerce standpoint the site is a little bit different, if you want to order you’ll have to do it from this page.


3 Responses to “Hand Made T-Shirts from The Gretest”

  1. search says:

    pretty job!

  2. Wow. I love these shirts. Great typography. I wish the Kill Mondays didnt have the red drip or blotch but thats just me. They remind me of the homemade shirts we used to make before seeing the ramones in the mid 80s.

  3. i am an artist from haiti, i know how to hand made t-shirt so i need u like follower so u get my blog u can take a look whenever u want to do that.

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