Halo T-Bag T-Shirt from Nerdy Shirts

Just heard about this hysterical T-Shirt from Nerdy Shirts demonstrating the age old video game humiliation technique of T-Bagging. I actually just had to get a new Xbox after a second Red Ring Of Death failure so I can fire up Halo and get T-Bagging.

124 Responses to “Halo T-Bag T-Shirt from Nerdy Shirts”


    NICE song Xam,Mas,Hsat

  2. unwritten tradgety says:

    best cover band eva

  3. kiwi says:

    mmmmmmmmm sheep so tight

  4. PoRn Maker says:

    What would people do without porn with the Spare time…….. there would be More rapings and bombing MUAHAHA FAGS

  5. Batter says:

    Kiwi you remended me about someone at my school called Tom Erklenzs SHEEP ROOTING BARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  6. deadly styles says:

    this word wont catch on

  7. Evil Bitch says:

    get back here now bitches and let me spank u

  8. Willy Stroker says:


  9. qweefing man says:

    Hey Guys, Let me Qweef in ur face

  10. shaft says:

    make me hard

  11. PooFingers says:

    Turn the Light off

  12. tim says:

    SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!

  13. ruthless says:

    ur gay

  14. ruthless says:

    u wanna go tim?

  15. horny goat weed says:


  16. tim says:

    i will literally RAPE you

  17. horny goat weed says:

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  18. ruthless says:

    max ure a fucking idiot

  19. McBlacky says:

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  20. horny goat weed says:

    what the fuck did i do

  21. Queefing Chicken says:


  22. Queefing Chicken says:

    Ruthless how do you know his name is max you his bro :O

  23. Lodger says:


  24. horny goat weed says:

    loger suffocates people