HAHA press – Nice St Patricks Day T-Shirt designs

I’m not sure if I’ve seen these guys before, but i’m super impressed with their site and how they differentiate their T-Shirts from a lot of other companies. HAHA only creates 200 of each design they create which is nice, it means you get a more unique shirt and they don’t saturate the market. Their designs are really well executed and would look good dressed up or down.

I love this typographic treatment of the classic ‘kiss me i’m Irish’ T-shirt:

6 Responses to “HAHA press – Nice St Patricks Day T-Shirt designs”

  1. jmanilow says:

    They look like winners to me!!

  2. HalfEmpty says:

    I think the true test is would I wear any of these not on St. Patrick's day? I think I would wear two of them, but not the 'kiss me i'm irish' shirt.

  3. ricardocabeza says:

    VintageCotton.com is running a special where you get a free St. Patrick's Day T-shirt when you buy another Irish t-shirt! http://VintageCotton.com

  4. suki says:

    hm, i like this one.

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