Great New T-Shirts from Fullbleed

(click on the image for higher rez version)

Fullbleed consistently produces such imaginative and well executed designs, they are certainly in my list of favorite T-Shirt companies. If you like Fullbleed you will probably also like the style from the British design company Airside.

4 Responses to “Great New T-Shirts from Fullbleed”

  1. Nick Camillo says:

    Yeah, Rob Dobi never ceases to impress me.
    Gotta love fullBLEED

  2. Love the colors on the blue t shirt and the rainbow one stands out alot as well.

  3. John says:

    The colors are really awesome. Lots of t-shirt sites shy away from bright colors. check us out, we try to offer color choices also :

  4. Have to agree with the comments below, the blue shirt is oustanding.

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