Great New T-Shirts and Site From Take Off Clothing


Great shirts from a new Australian company called Take Off Clothing, which I think is right up there when it comes to names for clothing companies. I like their simple, clean designs, and nice prints. The designs tend to be bold and iconic, using simple color combinations that work.


One of my favorite things about Take Off Clothing though is their web site, each time you look at a design, the entire screen background is replaced with a detailed view of that shirt. This is a superb approach and puts the design front and center. I find way too many T-shirt shops use tiny images of their T-Shirts so you have know real idea of the print quality or what the fabric is like. Big kudos to these chaps for this design, seriously, well done. Oh, my only complaint is you can’t link to the individual T-shirts, but hey, no one is perfect :-)

Screenshot Crop
(click on the image for full size picture of the screen shot)


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  1. derek says:

    Love the zipper shirt. It could pass as a tie also.

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  3. idpeace says:

    Love the name of this clothing line.
    Check out and our photos at
    We took the “take off clothing” thing seriously with this crazy marketing campaign we have started.
    Bodypainting our T-shirt designs right onto the bodies. You can see the designs as

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