Goodstorm Design Your Own T-shirt tool featured on Tech crunch

Tech Crunch have just done a nice little write up of Goodstorm’sdesign your own t-shirt” flash tool.

Goodstorm 300w

The new product allows visitors to quickly design their own Tshirt using uploaded or stock images, text and special characters. If you like you can buy just one – a mens standard Tshirt, designed to your specifications, costs $15.

Store owners can also create their own version of the design tool, with pre-uploaded images and custom pricing. Weve created one – see the TechCrunch Tshirt store here. Upload your own images and have at it – any proceeds we receive from sales of Tshirts will go to charity.

I actually know the founder of the company, Yobie Benjamin and he is on a mission with Goodstorm to make ecommerce tools available to anyone. If your interested I actually interviewed him on my shortlived podcast called “the co-creative business show” at – maybe I should do a t-shirt podcast.

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  1. Ryan Britt says:

    I think I’ll install it for my own website. The prices are insanely low compared to SS, CP and zassle. Comparing it to EVERYONE, I think goodstorm prices are rock bottom so for a small fry like me, it is most important to have low prices. Hell, you’re only making $1.00 on a shirt with zassle, $1.50 and with goodstorm, you can make $6.00. With spreadshirt, you make almost nothing… nada. The other companies have more SKUs and that’s good but what good is it for me if the only one who makes a buck are the spreadshirts, zassle and cafe presses of the world. What’s the point with the pricing of the other companies?

  2. frankly says:

    ryan hit it right on the head. I was using CP and then zazzle and wow – i had to sell shirts at almost $25 to make any real money – of course that meant i took a hit overall ’cause I sold less t-shirts than i would have if they were $15 – $20.
    the biggest point here is that yeah, cp sells many more skus, but overall what sells the most? t-shirts. aside from bumper stickers, the rest is largly fluff to attract more sellers.

  3. karl says:

    Great comments everyone, I totally agree. Goodstorms base price is like $5 or $6 which totally blows away all the other services. They’re actually based here in san francisco and i’ve been to visit their office. They are doing a tonne of other stuff as well around letting bloggers sell stuff, kind of like amazon associates, but again giving you control over the price/markup.

  4. Antibush says:

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  5. tom says:

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