Go Ape Shirts Now Distributed By Busted Tees

Goape 01

Go Ape Shirts who I am a huge fan of and who were the first to ever produce a design that fell under “Best T-Shirt Ever” for the classic AT-AT Has a Boo Boo is now being distributed through Busted Tees. Congrats to Josh behind Go Ape because I know he was running the whole thing from home which is a bit of a strain, and would sometimes leave rabid customers wanting.

Take advantage of the fact they are having a last minute easter sale starting tomorrow:

Busted Tee’s Easter Sale Friday through Sunday!!!!
From Friday the 21st through Sunday the 23rd All t-shirts will be $13.99.”

Have fun and have a great easter, I’m going to be hanging with some friends on Sunday at a WWJE dinner (that is What Would Jesus Eat), well my question is what wouldn’t he eat :-)

The classic t-shirt from Go Ape that I wrote about in May 06.
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