Gnarle T-Shirts and Amazing Shark Tattoo

Well Gnarlé just started following me on twitter so I went to check out their site and the first thing I came across was this shark tattoo someone had got on the stump of their arm, not sure if this was post shark attack but what an amazing tattoo. Oh, they have some t-shirts as well :)

8 Responses to “Gnarle T-Shirts and Amazing Shark Tattoo”

  1. Rove says:

    Hey, The Tatoo is amazing even the T-shirts. Really good. Thanks for posting those.

  2. dude these t-shirts are sick. definitely something fresh ya know? you don’t see sharks on t-shirts often.

  3. The Tshirts are nice and logo is also amazing.

  4. Discount says:

    !!!!!!!!!!! amazing.

  5. Been there, got the t-shirt, but have you got the tatoo … I think not

  6. 08/15 says:

    Wenn TL das liest ist er doooof HAHA :D

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