Get Video Games With Your T-Shirt at Target

tower god

Just got sent and interesting article sent to me about a new line of T-Shirts that are for sale at Target which are inspired by, and come with a video game. The hangtag itself is a CD which contains a PC video game which seems to comes from the Experimental Gameplay project. The official site for the clothing is still under construction but it’s called EGP Apparel. You can read a more in depth store about this on Kevin Allen’s blog who sent me the article.


Let me know if you have seen this or have any experience with the games, i’m on a mac so I can’t play them :-(

From my friend the Madd Finn

9 Responses to “Get Video Games With Your T-Shirt at Target”

  1. Dave says:

    Tower of Goo is amazing, I played a limited version of it a year or two ago.

  2. chrispian says:

    The quality of these shirts are terrible. I bought one to test out and I had 2 major problems with it. 1st, where they put the CDs, hanging from the back collar permanently warps the neck. 2nd, the shirt ripped along one of the seems the first day I had it. I snagged it on the corner of a counter VERY LIGHTLY and the seem just came apart. Some of them look pretty good and maybe I just got a bad run, but these are not the standard good quality you get with most of Target’s other t-shirts. This is more Wal-Mart type quality here.

  3. karl says:

    Thanks for the review Chris, i’ll have to check these out, certainly doesn’t sound like a good start, but hey they are just getting started. Hopefully they start reading tcritic and get all this great feedback :-)

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  5. Micky Mays says:

    The idea sounds great if it is executed properly.

  6. The Mad Finn says:

    I’ve played Tower of Goo as well. Great game!

    It looks like Target pulled the shirts:

    They weren’t selling well enough. The article says the distributor is trying to get them to Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters instead.

    BTW, Karl, if you keep forgetting to give me story tip credit, I might just get all huffy and forget to send you more one of these days! :)

  7. karl says:

    Damn, sorry, you really are the Mad Finn now aren’t you :-) I have updated the posts, sorry I am just rushed and forget to attribute.

  8. nancy says:

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